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Compensation plan

When you become a Fashion Dealer Society member, you will earn a percentage from every sale that comes out of your Boutique through our platform.
Once you reach a specific number of sales, you will then move up in rank to become a Supervisor.
At this level you will be able to promote, and signup individuals interested in managing a boutique of their own. Where you will earn a percentage of your signed up managers total daily sales along side of your own daily sales.
After recruiting, coaching and assisting a specific number of managers and those managers reach a specific total of sales from each of their own boutiques to become Supervisors. You will at that point reach the level of Director.
At this level as Director, you will continue to receive all above-mentioned compensations as well as a percentage of all of your Supervisors managers total daily sales.

How it works

1. Build

Receive a fully stocked boutique that you can change the theme and add a personal domain name.

2. Earn

Market your boutique and your products. When purchases are made you earn cash from those sales.

3. Recruit

Move up in rank , promote the Company, signup potential business owners.

Member Information

What is FashionDealer215 Network?

Fashiondealer215 is a brand building Company that works exclusively with Fashion Dealer Society members who are or want to build a profitable Ecommerce clothing boutique.

How do I earn money through this program?

After you are approved to manage your own boutique through our platform. You will receive a fully stocked ecommerce boutique. From that boutique market and sale, the products to be compensated with a percentage of your sales.

How do I redeem my earnings?

Every boutique manager will receive a back office to manage all their earnings with the ability to deposit those funds into their own bank account.

Do I need to enroll?

Yes, every potential boutique manager must submit a form of interest in our program. Once you submit all the required documentation you will be contacted via email with a link to attend one of our onboarding meetings.